"From the day we are born, there is a Hero inside all of us waiting to be released."  KME

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Kevin Epling, 

Concerned Parent, Bullying Prevention Advocate

National Co--Director Bully Police USA

Consultant for Defeat the Label


Contact: [email protected]

Kevin Epling  has been speaking out about the issues of bullying and "cultural shift" since 2003 and has watched the bullying prevention movement grow form several parents to millions of people asking for change. It is his sincere belief that we can make a change in our attitudes surrounding bullying, but it will take all of us working together.  By sharing his personal story of loss and growth, he hopes to help others implement changes on a community-wide level.

 Kevin's main goal is to empower students to become the powerful change agents he knows they can be.  If you want a simple talk on bullying don't bother emailing, but if you want a session that will change lives and attitudes and engage students and adults  to "Unleash the Hero within" then by all means email.

Like his childhood hero, "Batman" Kevin basically leads a dual life: By day as a video producer for Michgan State University, and by day and night advocating for those who feel powerless. He just wishes he had the money and the really cool car.