Kevin and Tammy are members of Bully Police USA and are very active in speaking with civic groups and schools about their personal loss and experiences in creating change  through their presentations, "Bullying and Harassment: The Ostrich Principle.", "From the Trenches: A Parents view of Bullying", and the popular "A Hero will Rise".    All presentations are meant to focus on where we are now and how can we move forward to change the world around us.  It is so much easier to stay inside a comfort zone, but what happens when that comfort zone is destroyed?  We have to adapt and thrive.

 Bullying, peer to peer abuse, social media abuse are all the hottest topics in education today and growing in the business environment as well.  Kevin has been working on the issue for over ten years and has seen the change that has taken place but also understands that we need to do more.  These issues are not restricted to just our schools and is the responsibility of the teachers.  It is OUR collective responsibility to change the general environment surrounding our schools and our communities.  Don't just think "Bully-Prevention" think "Cultural Shift":

We need to think differently, broaden our own horizons and at times,  we simply need the students to take the lead.             Contact: [email protected], 517-290-5492

                "Meeting a childhood Hero: Amazing.  To have him say "You're a real Hero": Priceless!" KME


No gimmicks, no props, just  a man and a stage.  A typical school presentation covers the basics of bullying, what it is and is not/ cyberbullying/ the rise in teen bullycide/the bystander effect and becoming an "Agent of Change".  Corporate or Business presentations are catered to the needs of the requester.  If there are specific concerns on issues, there are times that these comments can be  brought up in a general fashion by an outsider rather than a staff member.  Happy to work with schools on hitting hot topics.


 Size is no problem as presentations have ranged from 30- 1,200 in one session. Presentations are catered to the audience and they work with. Schools and groups as to what issues to cover. It is strongly encouraged that schools to do large assemblies  so that everyone hears the same message, which creates dialogue among the students and staff  (inviting parents to the school presentation is also encouraged),.  Teachers and staff should attend so they understand what was presented to assist with follow up questions and actions from the student body.  Accommodations can be made for parent nights or community nights on those evenings of school performances.


  A typical presentation length is 55-60 min.  It is helpful if no time is taken for  school announcements, unless that time is factored in for going past the next class bell.  It is good to allocate 1.5-2 hrs for a parent or community event.  This is more of a open Q&A connected to materials that the students have seen earlier in the day. Break out sessions can also be catered to the time available and usually last 1:30 allowing time for open Q&A


Schools: Full programs is suitable for 5-12th graders talking about all the aspects of bullying including suicide. For younger grades, attention is paid to the concepts of bullying and the student responses to it, and is the only time suicide and Matt's story are not introduced.


 Costs vary as to the following: Business/Community or Educational event, distance, number of presentations during the day, inclusion of  a parent/community night, inclusion of wrist bands (based on # of students) and the possible need for overnight accommodations, airfare (due to distance or additional days at additional schools) (Avg. $1,200-2,500 + expenses) Happy to work with schools on cost factors.

For Business and Corporate bookings please contact

Please note that regular presentations will not omit the mention of suicide Not mentioned in presentations to grades K-4. It is a real factor  we are dealing with today and children as young as 8 yrs old have succumbed to suicide. Everything is presented in a positive light, and focused on the positive actions of students, but the issue will not be "skipped".


We all know that students love wristbands, but this is a little different.  Only a certain number of bands are brought to a school ( based upon student population and costs) and the students are told this at the end of the presentations.

Students are challenged that if they are to be the "Agents of Change" needed within their school, they need to get one from the office, but it is not theirs to keep.  It becomes a "pay-it forward" band.  If a student has a band and sees another student in need, help them out.  The band is passed to that new student who should seek to do the same.  

The object is to get the bands passing through the school and to motivate conversations as what they did to pass the band on or how they got the band. This has been done this at several schools and after the presentations the  Office has always been packed.  This also creates a living  embodiment of change within the school.

On Bullying:

  1. Importance of Early Education
  2. Building better community relations
  3. Law Enforcement's role in solving bullying problems
  4. Exposing Bullying and Hazing in our schools
  5. Raising awareness through personal loss
  6. The Bullying/Suicide connection
  7. Develop action plans for your school/department
  8. Generating new ideas within the school/community
  9. Question/ Re-evaluate your own policies and procedures
  10. Becoming an Agent of Change

On Grief/ Loss:

  1. A day at a time
  2. Living with the loss of a child
  3. Living with purpose
  4. Taking Grief with you 
  5. Finding a "new" normal.
  6. The Bullying/Suicide connection