Kevin Epling speaks to students at the Michigan Theatre about them becoming a hero before a viewing of the movie Bully on Thursday morning, Feb. 21, 2012 in Jackson. (J. Scott Park |

Michigan's "Batman"?


"The Batman mythology is, in a way, my own.  I was born of tragedy and have chosen to do something with that pain; to help others.  Plus the students "get it", they know the story and can relate and respond to it." KME

 All comments are taken from both verbal and written communications received after, and at times, during presentations.


"Today you taught me to stand up for other people."

"Thank you! I will be an agent of change in my school."

"Thank you for the great presentation-you rock"

"I just want to shake your hand, thank you."

"People are talking now, thats a good thing."

"Best presentation we've had"

"I thought it was going to be boring,  and it wasn't thanks."


"A must for all schools/Empowering!"

"Well prepared and passionate" 

"You made an impact, kids were already talking about it in class after the assembly."

"You were fantastic!"

"Reccomend highly"


"Great Opener-He is a great champion for all victims of bullying."

"Thank you to Matt's parents! It drives the point home. Thank you for opening our hearts and our minds."

"Very motivational"


"Because of you my son is still here."

" are a compassionate person, parent and change agent. So proud to know you."

"Kevin, thanks for all you do to be a part of the changes. There is no time to be a bystander anymore.

I think people are understanding that more and more right now."

"Because of you and your son, I will continue to remind every child/teen I talk to, SPEAK UP! Don't be a bystander... 

Be a hero! Thank you Kevin! From my children and myself!"

"I do not want you to cry for me or to feel sorry for me, I want you to do something for me. 

 I want you to act, become the Hero." KME

Kevin Epling speaking to our middle school students on the effects of bullying. #bullying #MAET #salinemiddleschool David Raft Hornt Principal

12:48 PM - 1 May 13

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Numerous school appearances across Michigan and presentations delivered across the U.S.:

MI Medical Society Alliance

MI Death review Board

MI Community Mental Health Services

Michigan Association of School Boards, Lead Strong ‘08 Conference

Law Enforcements Approach to bullying training seminar (150 police officers across MI)

MSU Institute for Public Policy and Social Research: Bullying conference/symposium

West MI Balanced & Restorative Justice Conference

Child Safe Conference, San Antonio Texas

River Valley Child Services Conference (West Virginia)

National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) (2x)

2011 National Cyber Safety Conference, Dallas

Guest lecturer, Michigan State University: College of Human Ecology, School of Social Work, School of Journalism, Upward Bound Program.

Guest lecturer, Central Michigan University: College of Social Work

Cooley Law School: Stand up against Bullying Conference

 Michigan PTA